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Mp3 formatting methods

MP3 to the computer, and then establish a name in the MP3 @erase directory, and then re allocated and inserted into the MP3 interface to the computer, then, MP3 will automatically format, we can see that the MP3 indicator in stop flashing, flashing stop, said format complete.
MP3 player capacity reduction, can not boot songs solution.
Put the machine on the OFF SW1 initial state (U state, then hold the circular disc) key, press the button in the circle KYE2 and then SW1 to play, and has been holding down the circle button for 10 seconds, the LED light display for double color light on at the same time, about 2 minutes. Green lights said after the end of the price. Re copy into the song, you can resume songs. (for the Beatles, gold bullet Series)

Mp3 failure phenomena, causes, solutions

Mp3 can not boot: the battery is dead and the battery is not properly installed. The solution is to replace the battery and install the battery properly
Mp3 no sound: the headset is not connected, the volume is adjusted to the minimum. The solution is: connect the headset and adjust the volume
Mp3 is not connected to the computer: there is no solution: the correct connection, re dial the plug
Mp3 boot immediately shut down: the battery is too low solution: replace the new battery can be
Mp3 cannot work. MP3 music cannot be played. The MP3 file is not in the right format. The solution: convert format

MP3 player cannot connect with computer

Solution: 1. change the USB connection cable and test again. 2. make sure the computer USB port is open. 3. under WIN98, please install the random driver correctly.
7.MP3 player playing songs is not normal, the program is confused.
Solution: install the random application software, and then use the random software provided by the UPDATE chip function rewrite MP3 player, and then provided with random software FORMAT format a MP3 player memory.

There are songs in the MP3 player, but none of them can be played.

Solution: Please select FAT format to format MP3 player on your computer. If you format the MP3 player by mistake in FAT32 or NTFS format, you can cause MP3 player to fail to play songs.
4., play MP3 songs, noise is particularly large.
The solution: now many of the MP3 songs are copied directly from pirated MP3 songs. Because of the different levels of pirated MP3 songs, there are obvious noises in many songs. The best way is to copy the music directly on the computer, CD in MP3 format, and then copy it into the MP3 player to enjoy it. Or try listening to the MP3 file on the computer first, make sure there is no background noise, and copy the file to the MP3 player.

Introduction to MP3 knowledge

The trend of network digital music is caused by MP3. Do you know MP3 as a video lover? MP3, an acronym for MPEG1Layer3, is said to have been created by a German studio to study how to capture CD tracks when it comes to computer files. MP3 itself is a compression and decompression method for dealing with a high percentage of sound information. The sound file it generates is close to CD, while the file size is only 1/12. Therefore, originally a CD can only store about 12 The first 20 tracks in CD format, if stored as MP3 format, it can store nearly 100 first, this is the charm of it. MP3 download from the internet almost free, sound quality, small files, and now popular to serious threat to the traditional record market. In the digital world of computers, sound is stored digitally, and can be generally divided into two types: acoustic data (WAV) and synthetic sound, the so-called MIDI. Acoustic data is sampled by analog digital converters, converted into digital formats and stored in computers, while synthetic sound is made up of built-in audio sources. Acoustic data file size for the sampling frequency (usually in Hz) and sampling ratio (usually in bits) and different sampling frequency is higher required storage space is larger, the same sampling ratio the higher the required storage space is also bigger. It belongs to the Wave data format data of the most common sound in the computer, the general store in the *.wav format, wave format storage space size but every minute of the acoustic data nearly takes ten trillion, equivalent to taking up storage space. To solve this problem, MP3 was born into this music format. MP3 format of sound data is a kind of acoustic data, it is the original acoustic data compression, converted into MP3 format. After this special compression method can be a nearly 50 to the 60MB Wave file into 4MB file only, and the sound quality is almost the same as the original, save nearly ten times of storage space, so a MP3 music CD can be ten pieces of music CD inside. If a music CD album can be played for 60 minutes, a MP3 music CD will be close to a dozen hours of music, just like a small music collection cabinet.

Let the music return to pure, this handset still has MP3 pattern actually

In July 26th, Meizu released new flagship mobile phone Meizu Meizu PRO 7 series, PRO 7 first MediaTek Helio X30 processor, the machine in the appearance of the biggest bright spot is behind the screen, integrated many interactive features, bring a lot of new experience, now the mobile phone is Tmall hot sell.
Meizu PRO7 four big purchase reasons
Meizu PRO 7 (standard / full CNC)
Electricity supplier quote
Tmall mall mall mall $2880ZOL $2880 $2880 Jingdong
Meizu PRO 7, I want Tucao, barrage, MP3 is pure slag
This time the Meizu PRO 7 series uses a new industrial design, and dual design, both positive and negative, showing double back, as the window screen, Meizu official called huaping”. The 1.9 inch screen using the AMOLED screen, in different contexts, with Flyme to create a new interactive function for the screen, such as dual camera self timer, double finger shots, badges, weather, pedometer, notification / status reminder, sleep function MP3 etc..

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